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About the
Munroe Falls
Historical Society

The Munroe Falls Historical Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1976 to preserve and perpetuate the history of Munroe Falls. We maintain our office, historical museum and local history library in a 19th century historic house next to Munroe Falls City Hall.

The purpose of Munroe Falls Historical Society is to:

  • Promote Lifelong Learners by initiating interest in the history of Munroe Falls and its place in our state and country.

  • Provide Public Access of the historical information and artifacts of the community.

  • Serve as Collections Stewards of the museum and its contents, thereby preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting historical data and artifacts pertaining to the history of Munroe Falls and the surrounding community.

  • Move from Community Anchors to Community Catalysts in providing technological access, relevant collaboration with the public, and supporting programs and causes which support interaction with the local community

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