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Munroe Falls community picnic, 1913

Sharing Our Stories

Learn more about the historical events and inspiring people that have helped shape Munroe Falls, OH, on a local, state and national level. Simply download the following PDFs to view the full presentations.

The Munroe Falls Historical Society is eager to share these as well as customized presentations with youth groups, libraries, schools and senior centers throughout the area. Contact us to learn more or schedule a speaking engagement.

Local History

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Early Settlers: The Gaylord Family

In 1809, Jonathan Gaylord, Jr. purchased land in Stow Township from Joshua Stow. The Gaylord family was among the very first to settle in southern part of Stow Township, now known as Munroe Falls.

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Munroe Falls Veterans Memorial

Learn about the planning, building and meaning behind the Munroe Falls Veterans Memorial, built in 1987 and designed by Carl Floyd.

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Interpretation of Nature:
Naturalist Bert Szabo

Bert Szabo, a long-time resident of Munroe Falls, served as the Summit Metro Parks first naturalist. He passed away in 2022 at 101 years old.

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The Owen Brown House

Dick Yarger shares his memories of growing up in the 1851 house built by Owen Brown, the father of abolitionist John Brown, and home of today's Munroe Falls Historical Society Museum.

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Re-Dedication Ceremony:
Private Roger Moore, WW1

The Moore family moved to Munroe Falls in the late 1800s to work in the paper mill. At one point, they were known to be the largest family in Munroe Falls. In 1917, son Roger Moore, a local farm hand, enlisted in the National army to fight in WWI.

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The Civil War: Munroe Falls Soldiers

Stow Township (which Munroe Falls was once a part of) was the home to a number of Civil War soldiers. Learn about the enlistees, as well as those who found substitutes to fight the war for them.

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Local Pro-Boxer: George Kochan

Known as the "Champ," George Kochan  was a boxing prizefighter from Akron. Munroe Falls resident Bob Sallaz's dad knew Kochan from his amateur boxing days in the late 1930s.

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